海洋および野生生物・Marine & Wildlife

洋情報日本とシーファリジャパン勝浦の場所に関する海洋情報 日本&シーファリジャパン 勝浦ロケーションについて

日本の全長は1,500km以上ですが、海岸線は30,000 km近くあり、5000以上の島があります。勝浦は千葉県の南東海岸の中心に位置し、シーファリジャパンは15kmの区間を強調しています。 (南房総国定公園, Minami-Bōsō Kokutei Kōen) 黒潮(日本海流とも呼ばれます)は南から温水を運びます親潮は北から冷水を運びます

Marine facts about Japan & Seafari Japan Katsuura location

Japan has an overall length of over 1,500 km but almost 30,000kms of coastline with more than 5000 islands

Katsuura is centrally placed on the southeast coast of Chiba Prefecture & Seafari Japan highlights a 15km section whose parts are in Minami-Bōsō Quasi-National Park

The Kuroshio Current (also known as the Japan Current) brings warm water from the south

The Oyashio Current brings cold water from the north

気候 / 夏の28-32°Cの高温 / 冬の間は0-5°Cの低温 / つの異なる季節があります。 春・夏・秋・冬

海水温 / 最高水温25-29°C / 最低水温10-16°C



SEAFARI JAPANチームの最優先事項は、お客様に海と野生動物など自然界についての一緒に認識を広めるのことができたら嬉しく思います


The climate / High temps of 28-32°C in summer / Low Temps of 0-5°C during winter / With 5 distinct seasons. Spring / Rainy / Summer / Autumn / Winter

Ocean Temperatures / High 25-29°C / Lows 10-16°C


Japan count for only 1 percent of the world’s ocean but over 15 percent of all sea creatures live here currently more than 33,629 species of sea creatures, the widest diversity of species in any of the 25 oceanic regions on earth

The migration of marine life is often tied with the currents warm species follow the Kuroshio & cold water species follow the Oyashio

A top priority for our team at Seafari Japan is to help bring awareness about the ocean and its wildlife to our customers but also to document & work with other bodies & institutions to continuously have a deep knowledge of the areas we operate in.

Below are some of the wonderful animals we have seen so far on our tours this list is forever growing & if you as a customer have a special picture you captured on our adventures please share it with us to help this database grow and others to learn from it.

名前: ミサゴ (Misago) / 勝浦は11月から4月まで

Name: Osprey / Fact: Katsuura November thru April

詳細はこちら / Find Out More

名前: スレイティバックカモメ /エリア: アジアの種で、


Name: Slaty-backed Gull / Fact: found in coastal regions around Japan

詳細はこちら / Find Out More


Name: Japanese Cormorant / Fact: found in coastal regions around Japan all year.

詳細はこちら / Find Out More

名前:コサギ/地域:日本の中南部から南部 Kosagi

Name: Little Egret / Fact: Middle to southerly parts of Japan

名前:トビ /地域:日本のすべての沿岸地域で見つかりました

Name: Japanese Sea Kite / Fact: Found in all coastal areas of Japan

名前:セグロセキレイ / 地域:日本原産は砂浜が大好き

Name: Japanese Wag Tail / Fact: Native to Japan loves sandy shoreline

名前:アカウミガメ / 地域:本州、九州、南部の島々

Name: Loggerhead Turtle / Fact: Honshu, Kyushu, & Southern islands


Name: Bottlenose dolphin Fact: Pass by at various times of the year.


Name: East Asian finless porpoise Fact: Very shy, often swim in groups


Herring Gulls Facts: Found in abundance along the coastline all year.



Name: Lesser black-backed Gull Facts: Yellow legs grey upperparts smaller sized body




Name: Carrion Crow Facts: not to be confused with the Jungle Crow that lives in the city

詳細はこちら / Find Out More

クロサギ 黒鷺 Kurosagi Black Pacific Heron

Pacific Heron / Dark Morph: Found all year round on rocky outcrops and near rivers. They roost in high tree tops all year round and both the male and female birds take it in turn to watch the babies. They are smaller than the grey heron growing to a height of 50 to 70cm and weighing only 500-700 grams. Pure white ones can also be found but are a lot less common. Expert fishermen eating fish and small shells fish etc.


Grey Heron : Largest Heron in Japan, feeds on fish and reptiles.

Found in Katsuura all year round nests in the tree tops of the local hills

カンムリカイツブリ (冠鸊鷉) : kanmuri kaitsuburi

Great Crested Grebe

Scientific name: Podiceps cristatus

Seen in Katsuura ocean during winter November - April

Expert diver and prefers to be on or under the ocean rather than flying

Only flys for short distances. Very territorial when breeding

During warmer months moves to inland waters. Feeds on small fish.

Normally white and black but the face changes colour when breeding to a beautiful brown colour and black head plumage.


East Asian finless porpoise


Bottled nose dolphin sighting


Short fined pilot whale sighting


Leather Back Sea Turtle Sighting


Hump Back Whale Waving Fin


Short fined pilot whale sighting

Logger Head Sea Turtle In Katsuura, Chiba, Japan.

The Japanese King Fish (Hiromasa)

Black Spotted Reef Fish in Katsuura, Chiba, Japan



イルカ- カマイルカ/マダライルカ/スジイルカ/シワハイルカ/バンドウイルカ

ネズミイルカ スナメリ/ネズミイルカ/イシイルカ


クジラ コビレゴンドウ/ザトウクジラ/ツチクジラ



Regarding Dolphins, Porpoise and Whales ( We get asked this a lot )

The below species are known to pass by or be in the waters around the Katsuura area, however, we always stress sightings of them are incredibly rare & make no guarantees on seeing them. We document all sightings and collect as much data as possible on those sightings in the hope of better understanding these wonderful creatures that we are lucky enough to spend time with here in Chiba Japan

Dolphins - Spinner / Bottled nose / stripped / long-beaked

Porpoise - East Asian finless / Narrow Ridgid finless / Dall`s / Harbour

Whales - Baird`s beak / short-finned pilot / *humpback whale

*The humpback whale has been known to follow the following migration route past Japan and in 2021 over 1,000 were observed at and around the main breeding grounds.

Migration Route. In summer they enjoy the cold water around Kamchatka Peninsula in northeastern Russia then head south along the Pacific coast passing between Katsuura & the Ogasawara island chains before arriving in the southern island chains of Japan for the winter breeding season. They can live for as long as 40-50 years, reach sexual maturity around 4-7 years and give birth between 2-3 years with an 11 month gestation period. Despite Japan`s history with whaling they are now very much understood and loved by its people now with conservation first and foremost.

私たちSEAFARI JPANチームは、この自然豊かな海を大切にし後世にも残し伝えたいと考えております。 海洋プラスティック問題、自然保護や野生動物などに携わる


Seafari Japan is always looking for new and exciting ways to inspire others by working with other similar-minded companies involved in conservation and wildlife, if you are one-off those feel free to get in touch with us, and together we can see how we can continue to keep this wonderful world very much green and blue.


鯵アジ Aji - mackerel 。アユ Ayu - Trout ボニト Bonito - tuna 。鯔ボラ Bora - Mullet 。鰤ブリ Buri - older yellowtail 。ハマチ Hamachi - young yellowtail 。いなだ Inada - very young yellowtail 。コハダ Kohada - gizzard shad 。白マグロ Shiro Maguro - albacore tuna 。秋刀魚さんま Sanma - mackerel Pike 。鱸すずき Suzuki - seabass 。鯛たい Tai - snapper 。鮃ひらめ Hirame - flounder 。鰹かつお Katsuo - tuna

水が澄んでいる非常に穏やかな日には、ボートから魚が見えるので、偏光サングラスをかけてグレアを減らすと非常に役立ちます。 魚に本当に親しみを持ちたい場合は、完全なチャーターオプションを確認し、さまざまな場所へのシュノーケリング旅行を予約することをお勧めします。もちろん、ガイドがすべての最高の場所に連れて行ってくれます。

What lies below the water here in Japans Oceans as explained above is almost endless, but here are a few of the more well-known ones

On very calm days when the water is clear some fish are visible from the boat, it helps a lot if you have polarised sunglasses on to cut down on the glare. If you want to really get up close and personal with the fish we recommend looking at our full charter option and booking in for a snorkeling trip to various locations, our guides will of course take you to all the best spots.