10 best things to do in Katsuura, Chiba, Japan

Living in Japan, visiting Japan & just wanting to get out of the city or away from the regular tourist routes to enjoy a few days of real vacation.

The Coastal area of Katsuura is easily accessible from Tokyo or both the International airports,

It has lots of wonderful accommodation & amazing restaurants & of course those stunning beaches.

If you’re looking for things to do while you’re in the area this list & easy to use google map showcases the 10 must-do things while you are there.

From coastal boat cruises with Seafari Japan to underwater sea towers, hidden mountain waterfalls & all things Space at the Jaxa site. 400-year-old morning markets, fishing & surfing and so much more.

Come Visit Katsuura in Chiba & get your dose of “Vitamin Sea”

1.Take an ocean coastal tour with Seafari Japan

The No.1 Tourism Adventure in Katsuura, Chiba, Japan

Coastal cruises and marine activities. Book early as its the No.1 attraction in the area and they fill up extremely fast, especially on perfect weather days.

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2. Visit the under water observation sea tower

Especially fun for families with small children, at the same location is the Maritime Museum which is also worth visiting.

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3. Take a walk round Katsuura Morning Market

Every day except Wednesday, local fisherman and farmers sell their products in this 400-year-old market.

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4. All things Space related at Jaxa antenna site.

Ever dreamt of being an astronaut well here has it all even a way to talk to ET.

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5. Learn to surf with Splash Surf School,

Rated the best surf school in Katsuura, Chiba, Japan

All your surfing requirements are taken care of in Japan. School, Rental, & even accommodation English and Japanese.

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6. Aqua Palace Spa Resort Best Pool Complex in Katsuura, Chiba

Relax at a family pool complex overlooking the ocean

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7. Enjoy Awamata waterfall area

Take a wonderful stroll down to this stunning nature spot deep in the Katsuura hills

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8. Ubara Utopia coastal hiking course

Panoramic sea views, tunnels & rock formations on this leisurely wonderful hiking course

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9. Sea World Marine Park & Aquarium

Spend half a day at this world-class family attraction just a short drive from Katsuura a great wet weather day alternative.

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10. Deep-sea fishing experience with Boat Kosyo

Half-day trips aboard this amazing boat chasing giant Japanese game fish. Daily departures, rental equipment. English & Japanese

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Visiting from Tokyo for a day trip on the bus or train here is a map

Grab a rental bike then ride out to the marina , after head into town for lunch , they go for a ride and explore , before finishing at the hot spring pool resort .